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Tattooing Again in Mississippi

Finally healthy and now booking appointments starting Monday April 20th.  Spaces are filling up fast and I have a limited amount of time available, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.  I will finally be back tattooing at Ink Injection Tattoo in Richland, Ms.  Thanks for everyones help and patience while I was healing a trying back […]

Star Tattoo Bible Verse Ink Injection Tattoo Shop Tupelo

Heart Tattoo Tupelo, Mississippi

Currently tattooing at Ink Injection Tattoo Mississippi

Tupelo Tattoo Artist

Getting a design together for a client who wanted this Love design which has the verse John 3:16 creating the word love. Noticed that there were two words spelled incorrectly in the verse “belives” should be “believes” and “enternal” should be “eternal”. I unfortunately found at least a few pics tattooed of this design with […]

Patriotic American Tattoo Tupelo Mississippi

Ripped Skin American Flag tattoo I did last week,  Ill be tattooing in Mississippi at Ink Injection Tattoos in Richland, MS

Clown Girl Tattoo Tupelo MS

I was tattooing in Tupelo, MS at Main Stream Tattoos on Main St.  I am currently tattooing at Ink Injection Tattoos just outside of Jackson, MS.

Reaper Coverup Tattoo Tupelo MS

Crown Tattoo Tupelo, Mississippi

Tattoo of a crown I did for a client from a custom tattoo design I drew for her.  Ill be tattooing all weekend in Richland, MS at Ink Injection Tattoos.

Fixing old tattoos ms

On the left is an old tattoo done by another tattooer that the client didnt like.  On the right is the tattoo after I fixed it.  When getting tattooed, it is extremely important to find a highly experienced tattooer that will give you a great quality tattoo that you can be proud to wear for […]

Owl Tattoo Mississippi

Owl tattoo I did for a client who wanted a cartoonish owl with a key and some filagree.  Drew the design for the tattoo, and showed it to the client who loved it.  Then it took about 2 hours of tattooing to get this one all finished.  Im tattooing at Ink Injection Tattoos in Richland, […]

Tattooing in Tupelo Ms by Justin