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Getting a design together for a client who wanted this Love design which has the verse John 3:16 creating the word love. Noticed that there were two words spelled incorrectly in the verse “belives” should be “believes” and “enternal” should be “eternal”. I unfortunately found at least a few pics tattooed of this design with […]

Clown Girl Tattoo Tupelo MS

I was tattooing in Tupelo, MS at Main Stream Tattoos on Main St.  I am currently tattooing at Ink Injection Tattoos just outside of Jackson, MS.

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Ill be tattooing all weekend at Ink Injection Tattoos.

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The tattoo shop has been staying super busy, thanks to all my great clients who have been incredibly supportive of the new shop.  Ill be busy tattooing all weekend.  If you are in Tupelo, stop by and check out Josh at Mainstream Tattoos.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Tupelo Tattoo Mississippi by Justin

If you are in the Tupelo, MS area, stop by and check out my friends Josh and Ryan at Mainstream Tattoos in Tupelo, MS on Main Street.  This deer tattoo design was drawn by Justin from a  set of his tattoo designs.  He is currently tattooing at Ink Injection Tattoo in the Jackson, MS area […]

Tattooing in Tupelo Ms by Justin